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Essentials of Radiographic Anatomy   

Topics in Radiography Volume I

Anatomy and Radiography of the Ankle, Foot, and Toes      

Anatomy and Radiography of the Wrist, Hand, and Fingers  

Radiographic Pathology of the GI Tract   


Fundamentals of Radiographic Pathology    


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Topics in Radiography Volume II

3.5 FL
3.25 FL
12 FL
8.5 FL
12 FL
12 FL
2 FL

Radiographic Anatomy and Pathology of the Skeletal System  

12 FL

Topics in Radiography Volume III

12 FL

Practical Radiographic Positioning

12 FL

CT Cross-Sectional Anatomy    

12 FL
12 FL

Skeletal System Radiography


12 FL

Digital Radiography of the Extremities   

Topics in Radiography Volume IV

13 FL
In order to qualify
to complete our
courses, you must
possess a current
License as a General
Radiographer with
the Florida Department
of Health.