Topics in Radiography Volume I
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 State approvals: 

      12 Category A credits
Course Abstract and Objectives:
     The objective of this home study course is to provide the learner with a computer based tutorial that will give them the means to learn topics in radiographic anatomy, imaging, and radiobiology.  A mastery test will be administered at the end of this home study course in order to ensure that competency of the material has been achieved.
Radiographic Anatomy of the Lower Extremity
         Toes, Ankle, and Calcaneous
         Knee and Patellla
         Hip, Pelvis, and S.I. joints
Selected Topics in Radiographic Imaging   
         Intensifying Screens
         Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) Devices
         Diagnostic Exposure Artifacts
Selected Topics in Radiobiology
         Cell Biology
         Radiologic Units
         Radiation Protection for the Radiographer
         and the Patient
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